All photography are works designed by Ricardo Zeevaert Sr.

For over 20 years, "Zeevaert Pool and Pond" has made its impact at being of the helm some of the greatest custom pools in San Antonio today.

Ricardo Zeevaert graduated with a degree in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and has been in design and construction for more then 45 years. He has completed over 100+ Pools in San Antonio with works done in affluent neighborhoods such as; The Dominion, Sonterra, and Cordillera subdivision. Ricardo Zeevaert will happily work with you using his classical approach to design the vision that you're looking for in your home. 


Our Mission

Using handcrafted, old fashioned techniques, we think  "Zeevaert Pool & Pond" can take your property's area and draft you the best possible canvas personally tailored to your vision and to your home and lifestyle. 

All word of mouth....No Advertising, but a very loyal client base. Ricardo has done MOST of the best designed pools in San Antonio. He is an Artist. Ask to go see some of his work and you’ll be Amazed; Water Slides, Grottoes, Underwater Windows, Ridiculous Waterfalls. THANKS RICARDO....YOU ARE THE BEST
— Anonymous Loyal customer, Zeevaert Pool and Pond

What We've Achieved

  • Ricardo Zeevaert, Director/President, "Magico Mundo Marino," Aquarium in Acapulco Mexico that was built in 1990.


  • In the Torre Latinoamericana,(Latin American Tower) in Mexico City, Ricardo Zeevaert built a live exhibit Aquarium on the 44th floor called,"Fantastico Mundo Marino"
  • Over the years, Ricardo Zeevaert has done numerous and countless works and repairs around San Antonio at locations including multiple subdivisions; such as
  • The Oaklands,
  • Graystone,
  • Champions Ridge
  • The Forest & Stone Oak,
  • Fossil Ridge, 
  • Vineyards
  • and even Six Flags Fiesta Texas.